10 Home Cooking Youtube Channels To Follow

What are the best home cooking Youtube channels? Who should I follow for great home cooking recipes? Check out our 2021 updated guide…

 As current events force a large majority of the world’s population inside, home cooking has rarely been quite as popular.

Not only is it generally cheaper than going out, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body and can make meals as healthy as you want. That’s not to mention the fun that can be involved, particularly when you get the kids helping out too.

And, of course, that smug sense of satisfaction. The pride you feel when you look down at a perfectly cooked meal knowing it was your hand in control of the chef’s knife. Voila, what a genius you are.

Still, the daily grind can really take the fun out of cooking. We may find ourselves constantly wondering about what to make for dinner and, although the options are plentiful, the feeling of truly struggling to make a definitive decision.

You’ve been there, right?

Trying to think of ideas to spice up the weekly routine but being so overcome with the possibilities that you just end up making something easy, with all sense of a balanced diet going out of the window.

Well, that’s where YouTube comes in.

If you find the best home cooking Youtube channel, a quick video can really light the fires of inspiration and have you whipping a storm in minutes. Whether it be a new twist on an old classic or something completely different, they’re some of the best friends any budding young home cook can have.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the 10 best home cooking Youtube channels to follow (in no particular order).

Food Wishes

I cannot recommend this channel strongly enough.

Chef John is a charming, friendly guide to help you navigate the challenges of a number of different cuisines. A stickler for freshness, his recipes rarely involve any food wastage and his trademark rhymes included in every video are wonderfully cheery.

Honestly, his video on Jamaican Chicken Stew brought a brand new dish into my life and I could not be more thankful for it.

A seriously talented guy, Food Wishes is definitely one to subscribe to.

What a voice this man has.

Ok, that’s doing him a disservice because he’s also a seriously talented chef but, come on, the guy sounds like he could be the narrator on a stylish Netflix documentary.

What’s so good about BWB is how he shows you just how simple it can be to make everything at home. He’ll run you through how to make your pasta, your own bread, even your own flavored ice cream.

Another big plus are his themed episodes. I’m a huge fan of the show Frasier and that was one of many programs or movies he discusses in detail, showing you cook food from famous shows we’ve seen over the years.

While I’d never describe Kitchen Sancutuary’s recipes as ‘simple’ considering the hard work that goes into them, the way in which Nicky calmly guides you through all manner of different cuisines makes it such a relaxing watch.

Some of her better-than-takeout-recipes are outstanding. As a sucker for salt and pepper chicken, seeing Nicky whip up a healthier version with absolute ease has made my weeknights so much more interesting.

Everything about this channel is lovely. The food, the host, the music, it’s just a wonderful addition to the YouTube cooking community.

Ok, so it doesn’t exactly take a genius to recommend following world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay on Youtube.

Still, for those who haven’t seen some of his content, the bulk of his videos are made up of truly gorgeous home-cooked meals. As you might expect, Ramsay makes everything look easy but – crucially – he uses cheap, easily attainable ingredients to really expand your horizons on the recipe front.

His spicy sausage rice video is an absolute Godsend. Thanks to his masterful tips, you’ll find yourself tearing the cases off your sausages like you’re some kind of classically French-trained chef in order to find that extra bit of flavor.

Don’t worry if you’ve got kids in the house, he doesn’t tend to swear. Well, too much anyway….

The little videos that have taken Twitter by storm, it’s been great to see Tasty expand their level of content over the years. Easy to follow, they’re brilliant at providing that little bit of inspiration, particularly if you’re endlessly scrolling while you attempt to make up your mind.

Some of their stir-fry recipes are delicious and Tasty make it look easy. Honestly, you’re missing out if you’re not following them. Do not just keep scrolling, you won’t regret it.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than watching someone cook up a storm in a warm place, really putting you in the mood for a nice evening at home.

Well, with Sam The Cooking Guy, you’ll be getting exactly that. His takes on some fast-food classics might look daunting at times but, my goodness, they are absolutely wonderful and seriously delicious.

A funny host too, I scream with envy whenever I see him use that outdoor plancha grill of his.

Here’s a tip for you: try his garlic bread steak sandwich recipe. You can thank me (well, him really) later.

Jamie Oliver has been hugely important to healthy food consumption in the United Kingdom and beyond. A charming, charismatic and conscientious chef, his videos are nice and simple without being basic and – most importantly – HEALTHY.

Whenever I’m in the mood for a nice and light weeknight dinner, I’ll head over to Jamie’s channel and try to absorb as much information as I can (thank you for the ‘Angry Mussels’ ideas), and not once have I ever been disappointed.

What I love about Pro Home Cooks’ channel is the journey it takes you on. As a regular subscriber, I’ve watched them walk me through really key tips every home cook should know before really delving into some delicious recipes.

They’ll explain why we should cook things at certain temperatures and why taking the time to make your own curry paste will elevate your dishes before detailing a delicious recipe.

Note: The curry paste episode is VERY good. No longer will you have to deal with that bland store-bought gunk.

Kind of similar to Binging With Babish where you can learn how to make pretty much everything you’ll ever need to cook with on Planet Earth, Joshua Weissman is an absolutely amazing follow when you get the chance.

Thanks to him, I feel like an expert on making my own ramen (and who wouldn’t want that?) and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example of how to get the Nashville Hot Chicken dish better than he does.

Even for that reason alone, follow him right away.

Haste’s Kitchen focuses on cooking healthy alternatives to takeout dishes which is even more fun than it sounds.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you want nothing better than Chinese or Indian food from your local store but, let’s face it, it really isn’t all that good for us when cooked like that. Granted, that’s probably why it’s so good but, hey, who says you can’t be healthy when making lovely food from around the world?

His chicken jalfrezi is a thing of absolute beauty and is as authentic as it is healthy. Stunning.

Best Channels to follow by category

All the above choices are great but, if you’re looking to follow as few people as possible (though your cooking life won’t be as rich and varied), then have a look at our choices:

Final Thoughts

Obviously, these aren’t the only great channels to follow but the options listed above cover a wide range of the culinary world. On their pages, you’ll find every kind of cuisine you need to spice up your recipe range all made with affordable, attainable ingredients.

It’s also important to consider just how important the host is. You could be watching the greatest technical cooking show in the world but, without some sort of connection to the person talking through your screen, you’re not going to learn anything at all.

Luckily for you, every single one of the hosts listed above is as informative as they are entertaining, really making a follow worth your time.

Hopefully, this will have helped you cut through the noise and really nail down who it is you should follow and why. Our time is precious after all.

Let us know who you followed and why! What have been your favorite recipes so far? Feel free to get in touch.

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