Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe_PinWhat is the best recipe for banana bread? Check out our 2021 updated recipe for banana bread below…

 While the events of 2020 and 2021 have sadly confined most of us to our homes, wreaking havoc on all manner of industries, there has been one piece of art to have enjoyed quite the renaissance.

 That, of course, is banana bread.

 A dish that scares a lot of would-be bakers because of the perceived technical skill involved, the amount of time we’ve spent behind our own front doors has led to a rise in the creation of this most wonderful of creations.

 Indeed, social media has been abuzz for months as people attempt to make something they probably would never have found the time to before.

 Effectively a cake made from mashed bananas, a good slice of banana bread is generally moist, sweet and, well, bready. Granted, that might not exactly be the finest way of describing banana bread but, once you take a bite, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

 However you choose to describe it, of course, banana bread is absolutely delicious. 

History Of Banana Bread

To understand why it’s such a staple amongst experienced bakers, we must go back to the 1930s.

Following the advent of baking soda and baking powder as easily-accessible products for millions of Americans. Thought to have risen to prominence during the dark days of the Great Depression as households grew wary of throwing away fruits, it’s effectively a way of taking a humble banana into a completely new direction.

Banana Bread Health Benefits

Isn’t it amazing when tasty dishes provide a health benefit?

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting by tucking into some homemade banana bread.

That’s because, by cooking overripe bananas, the chemical compounds help fight off everyday coughs and colds. Given what’s happening in the world right now, that seems like a pretty useful tool!.

Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe Time

Banana Bread Recipe Ingredients (8-10 slices)

Banana Bread Recipe: Step by step guide

Banana Bread Pro Tips

Recommended Products

As you’ll have probably guessed from the recipe, there isn’t a huge amount of cookware needed here.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for quality, however.

By adding a good loaf tin to your kitchen, you’ll have a tool for life. Banana bread is at home in one of these and you can also get more out of your investment by preparing dishes such as all manner of cakes, breads, meatloaves and terrines.

Aside from that, the only thing you need to pick up is a large cooling rack in order to give your banana bread room to sit during the cooling down process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your bread comes out of the oven dark, it’s more than likely because you’ve not used enough flour.

Here, the name of the game is to mix well. The more you mix, the more gluten develops and gives you a nice and chewy loaf. So, if you want it less chewy (for some strange reason) then calm down on the mixing.

After cooking, make sure to put a paper towel underneath your loaf and then place both in an airtight container. Then, place another towel on top and both sheets will absorb any moisture that drips out, keeping it in the container and stopping your loaf from drying out.

Strangely enough, it is indeed possible.

If you go crazy on the banana front, it could make your loaf too dense and heavy, as well as far too wet in the middle. Indeed, it could get all clumpy and unpleasant, which would also affect how it bakes in the oven.

You can leave it for up to a few hours but the optimum time I’ve found would just be a simple ten-minute wait. Definitely not easy but, by keeping strong, you allow the loaf to firm up again.

How To Store Fresh Baked Banana Bread

The best place to store your lovely little loaf is on the countertop! Obviously, if you’re not planning to eat it right away, wrap it in some plastic wrap nice and tightly so you don’t lose any moisture.

NEVER and I mean NEVER put your banana bread in the fridge. By doing this, you’ll be drying the loaf out and firmly it up too quickly, leaving you with a crumbly mess. Don’t ruin your good work here ladies and gentlemen, step away from the refrigerator.

How To Tell When A Banana Is Ripe

There are some quick and easy ways to tell whether or not your banana is ripe and ready for baking.

All the best banana bread recipes call for extremely ripe bananas but, obviously, that tows a rather fine line. Leave it too long and your banana might have gone bad so, by adhering to the pointers below, you’ll be an expert in this field.

Banana Bread Popular Variations

Banana Bread: Final Thoughts

So, whether or not you got caught up in the post-pandemic craze, banana bread is a true cultural phenomenon.

An amazing way to use bananas you were going to throw away, this sweet bread is always a great thing to have knocking around the house. After all, no one’s going to complain if you’ve got a loaf waiting to be eaten. We deserve it!

One of the most popular baking recipes around, make sure you arm yourself with the correct kind of loaf tin to really nail it down. By coming prepared with that, you’ll have won half the battle.

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