Hawaiian Butter Mochi Recipe

Hawaiian Butter Mochi Recipe

Hawaiian Butter Mochi RecipeHow do I make Hawaiian Butter Mochi? Checked out our 2021 updated guide to this amazing recipe…

 Sometimes, you deserve nothing more than a buttery, chewy mound of fudge. Basically, in a much prettier form, that’s exactly what Hawaiian Butter Mochi is.

And it’s great.

 A traditional Hawaiian spin on what we’d (well depending where you are in the world of course) most formerly know as a sponge cake, it’s absolutely amazing. So light and sweet you’ll need to make a big batch of it in order to seriously satisfy your household, Hawaiian Butter Mochi is the home baking goal you should be aiming towards.

Picture a fudge brownie. Hungry enough yet?

Of course you are! Okay but now imagine it with crispy edges and a crunch that gives way you a chewier center. See how it’s raised the game there? Yeah, I knew you’d like that.

Because you’re never really going to make just one loaf, these are ideal for parties. A popular street food in their country of origin, I’ve seen stalls filled with these fluffy pillows sell out in seconds and, if you’re looking for a treat home, I can guarantee your bowl will too.

So, let’s get into it, how do you go about making them?

Hawaiian Butter Mochi Recipe

Hawaiian Butter Mochi Recipe Time

Hawaiian Butter Mochi Ingredients (12 servings)

Hawaiian Butter Mochi: Step-by-step guide

Hawaiian Butter Mochi: Side dishes

If you really want to raise the game here, serving these with a rich bowl of banana ice cream is absolutely amazing.

You don’t need a side dish but, if you were thinking about having one, make sure it’s that and thank us later.

Failing that, any kind of cream will do or, if you’re really feeling fancy, a lemon sorbet will be absolutely incredible too!

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If you invest in the right kind of cookware, making Haiiwan Butter Mochi is really, really easy.

Given the bulk of the work is done merely by baking, your oven has you covered here. However, your part of the bargain really needs to be giving your Mochi the best bed to bake in.

To that end, there are some products easily available that can do the job for you. Indeed, by picking up a mini loaf tin, you’ll have enough space to make a big old batch of Mochi with ease.

While that will do you well and good, there is another product that’ll help you level these up. By getting a basting brush, you can butter the outside of each individual loaf to really give these little pillows a glossy finish, making you look like an absolute genius when entertaining guests.

Finally, make sure you get yourself a cooling rack. Don’t try and attempt to make these without a wire rack. You really won’t get the best Mochi you can.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a sweet rice flour that has been ground down into a fine powder.

While it is sweeter than your run-of-the-mill (no pun intended) flour, mochiko isn’t completely sugary sweet, hence why it gives such a good depth to the little cakes.

You can buy it online or from Asian grocery stores and, trust me, you won’t regret it. The somewhat milky tone it gives the Mochi is absolutely stunning.

The shape of mini loaf tins means your mixture is likely to overflow somewhat when you pour it in. As a result, the edges will likely crisp up and give your Mochi a lovely rustic feel.

If you’ve got yourself a good mini loaf pan, you’ll have won half the battle already.

It definitely has to be the whisking.

Put your time here to good work. By making sure you’ve got everything nice and smooth, you won’t have clumps that rise throughout the baking process and the juxtaposition between the smoothness of the cake and the crispy edge is a thing of beauty.

Absolutely delicious. But you have to earn it. Whisk well, people.

Because the ingredients listed give you twelve servings, it’s best to make these for a party or an event of sorts.

Sure, no one’s going to judge you for wanting to eat all dozen of cakes yourself (we’ve all had those days) but it’s not always practical.

To be honest, these are so good that you don’t even need to keep them warm.

With that in mind, you can cool these out for hours without worrying about the taste being impacted.

The reason we let things cool is so that the juices leave the middle of cakes and run out to both sides, making for a much more enjoyable final product.

Mochi can usually last up to three days if solely left at room temperature.

If you were looking to keep it in the refrigerator, you can probably leave it up for up to a week. Alternatively, these will last up to a month in the freezer, so you’ve definitely got quite a few options to work with.

Ideally not but if you are left with second servings, you can pop them in the fridge to ensure they don’t lose their vibrant color and soft taste.

Obviously, by putting things in the fridge, they do harden up so it’s probably best to either toast them or whack them in a microwave when it comes to eating them again.

While they won’t be quite as good the second time around, you’ll still be in for a real treat.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

An absolutely amazing dish, the key to nailing the best Hawaiian Butter Mochi recipes are to invest in the right kind of cookware.

Considering the fact that the baking itself is done for you and the only real skill you need to work with is when it comes to whisking, getting the right kind of tools ready beforehand is the only thing you need to do.

Hawaiian Butter Mochi is such a tasty dish to make and, of course, the cookware you need to arm yourself with can be used for other things too! Truly versatile bits of equipment, you’ll be able to make these things and more by picking up some pretty cheap tools.

A recipe steeped in Hawaiian tradition, the tropical tones will leave your tastebuds dancing on the sunkissed beaches of The Aloha State.

I really couldn’t recommend these more, literally any age group are going to love these fluffy little pillows packing quite the crunch. Hopefully you found this recipe helpful and are as hungry for butter mochi as I am writing it!

Happy baking.

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