Nutribullet vs Nutricook_ Which Blender Is Better

Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja | Which Blender Is Better?

Nutribullet vs NutricookWhich blender should I buy? Nutribullet or nutri Ninja? Check out our 2021 updated guide…

 There’s nothing like having a blender in the kitchen.

One of the most helpful products on Planet Earth, relying on a good blender makes so many dishes so much easier. Not only can you make great smoothies, but these wonderful machines can also help you make more savory dishes.

Indeed, everything from healthy salad dressings, fluffier omelets and creamy soups can be created by those spinning blades and, crucially, they can be whipped up in an instant.

Yes, we all know what a blender does but, with the advent of so many other kitchen gadgets in recent years, it’s easy to forget just how helpful they can be. Seriously, if you were given a list of the uses a good blender can be put to, you’d probably marvel at its genius before realizing you were reading about that thing that’s been left in your cupboard for years.

So, whether you’re new to the blender game or whether you’re making an upgrade, it’s important to figure out which is the best purchase you can make.

Like many other products, there’s an awful lot of choice. Both the Nutribullet and the Nutri Ninja are available on the market at similar prices but offer different services.

They really don’t make it easy for you, do they?

But which one is best? Well, luckily for you, we’ve got you covered.

Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja Comparison Table

Swipe the table!

Nutribullet Blender

Ah, the Nutribullet.


One of the most popular brands of blender out there naturally comes with pros and cons. While hugely popular, there are some things to consider before going out and spending your money. Make sure to keep them in mind so you know exactly what to expect.


There’s nothing to worry about in terms of dulling the blades in a Nutribullet. Often, I’ll make three different smoothies a day and, unlike other products, you can bank on the same ease and consistency every single time.

Even when you throw frozen bananas or chunky apple slices into it, the Nutribullet will slice them up with ease.

Let’s face it, cleaning up is literally the worst part of making delicious smoothies or soups and the like. So, buying something that makes this part as easy as humanly possible is just as important as buying one that cuts through fruit and the like with ease.

This is where the Nutribullet comes into its own.

By simply removing the top blade with a slight twist, you can easily rinse the blender under the tap, leave it to soak, or even dump it in the dishwasher to do its magic.

Whether you want to make a salsa, grind your coffee or even mix together some baby food, the Nutribullet is going to be your best friend. It really is that good.


Ok, so it is possible to wax lyrical about just how helpful the Nutribullet can be but make sure not to think of it in the same way you’d imagine other blenders to be.

My friends, this isn’t a substitute for a food processor. Far from it.

Basically, foodstuffs much denser than fruit, small vegetables, or coffee simply won’t be sliced adequately and you could end up ruining the blades.

Nutribullets are a great little tool to have in the kitchen but that, frankly, is all they are. They are not to be used for making drinks in large batches and are only really designed for one at a time, so don’t go thinking you can whip up lots of cocktails when you’re entertaining.

There’s nothing worse than thirsty guests, trust me!

Buy Nutribullet Or Not ?

Reasons To Buy

Reasons Not To Buy

Best things to make in a Nutribullet Blender


You should think about buying a Nutribullet if you’re short on countertop space in your kitchen and just want something that can whip you up a smoothie when you’re short on time.

They are great but you should be warned of their limitations. Do not think you can put any old thing in there, it just won’t work no matter how hard you try.

Nutri Ninja Blender

So, now you know all you need to about the Nutribullet, it’s time over to another monster of the blender industry, the Nutri Ninja.

Another hugely popular product, it does come with its pros and cons (like everything) and, again, it’s important you take into account everything it can do, as well as everything it can’t do.


When you’re buying a Nutri Ninja, you’re buying a real little machine.

Indeed, the number of settings included with the Nutri Ninja are amazing. For example, you can simply click the ‘Smoothie’ option and let the blender do its thing while you get on with another boring household task.

Other settings include ‘Food puree’ or ‘Ultra blend’ for things like ice.

Unlike the Nutribullet, the Nutri Ninja offers you so much more space to work with. At a decent 72oz, you can make large batches of drinks so you’re not constantly running back and forth and can actually enjoy spending time with your guests.

Again, while you can’t really treat one of these as a substitute for a food processor as such, you can throw some denser foodstuffs at the blades safe in the knowledge that you’re not going to wreck this wonderful machine.

If you cut even the hardest vegetables like carrots, potatoes and turnips into small pieces, they will be no match for the Nutri Ninja.


If you’re looking to use a blender solely for personal use and all you’re planning to make are smoothies, then you’re likely wasting the talents of the Nutri Ninja.

It can do more than the Nutribullet but that isn’t always necessary.

Ok, so we’d never describe the Nutri Ninja as hard to clean considering the fact you can simply put it in the dishwasher but there is a slight annoyance you should know about.

Occasionally, food can get stuck under the O-Ring and, in extreme cases, that can be quite dangerous. While you can simply take the ring off and take a toothpick to scrape the residue off, it’s far from ideal.

Buy Nutri Ninja Or Not ?

Reasons To Buy

Reasons Not To Buy

Best things to make in a Nutri Ninja Blender


Definitely a much more rounded blender than the Nutribulet and capable of doing much more, as well as boasting some high-tech settings, you should definitely consider buying these if you work in the food preparation industry or plan to make large batches of your blended recipes.

Final Thoughts: So which one is better?

Clearly, both come with their own pros and cons and, really, the only way to decide which one is best for you is by defining exactly what it is you’re looking for from your product.

Personally, I’d recommend the Nutribullet for anyone who wants a quick, easy smoothie with little fuss. Indeed, it’s almost fool-proof to use and one of the easiest kitchen appliances to clean out there.

Meanwhile, if you’re into the world of food preparation and think you’re going to be blending together recipes slightly more complicated then definitely go for the Nutri Ninja.


So, really keep in mind the limitations of each so you’re not disappointed. There are so much these things can do but don’t get fooled into thinking there aren’t ways to ruin them. By not appreciating what it is you can’t put in there, you really do risk breaking those brilliant little blades.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful and really have these things in mind so you make the right purchase for you and your household. Remember the key points here and you won’t be disappointed.

There are some amazing things to be blended. Healthy, vibrant drinks, creamy soups and rich nut butters are literally at your fingertips. You just have to make sure you’re pressing the right buttons!

Happy blending out there. It really will make your kitchen so much more fun.

Which product did you buy? Why? What are some of your feedback? Let us know by getting in touch!

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